Mistral Home

Mistral Home

Customer case

What does Mistral Home do?

Mistral Home is a company that manufactures bedding and linen. Beautiful, sustainable and affordable products such as bedding, table linen, seat and chair covers that appeal to a wide audience. Mistral Home distributes four different brands, each of which focuses on a specific target group: Mistral Home, Tutti, Misaio and MPT. They are offered for sale in speciality shops as well as in big department stores such as Carrefour, Makro and Delhaize. The company was founded in 1994. The headquarters are located in Belgium and there are two other branches in Belgium and four in Eastern Europe.


Mistral Home distributes a large number of products and new designs and collections are launched regularly. There is a constant need for photography, but the photos usually require eight weeks after the design phase. The products are woven in Asia, transported and then sewn in Belgium before being brought to the photography studio for the photo shoot. A long, laborious and expensive process.

Our solution

Visuals for Brands shortened that process by creating virtual photos with advanced software. We produce hyperrealistic photos that are accurate down to the smallest detail. Both the products and the setting are correct. The interiors are reusable; the accessories are chosen to complement the pattern. The biggest advantage? Time savings! Thanks to a streamlined and automated workflow, we deliver within one day (instead of 8 weeks) after the design phase. Since Mistral Home started working with us, it can show the latest designs almost immediately, even before production has started. That’s an enormous asset during meetings and other business discussions.


Visuals for Brands replaces traditional photography and creates photos for different media.
• Packaging
• Ads (print & online)
• Web shops
• etc.